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Q. Is this process new?  Why isn’t it more popular?

The concept of panelized home components is emerging as one of the most promising avenues in the homebuilding industry. Studies completed by various research organizations have substantiated the benefits of panelized components which include improved framing quality, reduced construction cycle times, waste disposal, and labour requirements.
Popular throughout the United States, Asia and Europe, many Canadian developers, architects, designers and contractors are now realizing the distinct benefits of incorporating structural products within their projects. The Government of Canada has identified the pre-engineered wood products industry as a key growth sector, recognizing the importance of developing industries with higher value-added content.

Q. Doesn’t prefabrication cost more?

Studies have demonstrated that using pre-engineered structural products is significantly cheaper than using conventional stick build techniques. In order to properly cost-compare pre-manufactured builds to “stick-frame” projects, it’s important to evaluate more than just material costs. The total installed cost of panelized wall builds is reduced by avoiding expenses such as installation labour and costs associated with delays and wasted materials. A recent study demonstrated that lock-up times were reduced by 40 per cent, while material waste was reduced by 55 per cent. The study demonstrated that the profit margin of builders using pre-engineered structural products was increased by nearly 30 per cent.

Q. Isn’t it better when constructed by hand?

It’s not easy to frame a structure by hand. Bad weather, scheduling conflicts, construction errors and material shortages can all lead to work delays and sometimes expensive rebuilds. Add to that the difficulties in finding a qualified work force, and you’re looking a large portion of time spent overseeing and solving expensive problems. Our panelized systems are delivered straight to your site and built with the finest materials and the highest level of precision available in the industry, without the delays or extra headaches.

Q. Are the wall panels pre-insulated?

Our pre-engineered wood panels can be pre-insulated before delivery. Please contact one of our representatives for further details.

Q. How much lead time is required to order?

In order to accommodate our clients’ changing requirements, we have taken steps to ensure a flexible production process that allows us to make quick decisions and implement changes instantaneously. We are fully aware that delays on the job site can become extremely expensive, very quickly. Our team of outstanding technicians is focused on ensuring that every request is managed to minimize job site delays.
All of our delivery trucks are fully equipped with state-of-the-art GPS navigation equipment, allowing us to determine the current status of all deliveries, and to reroute and adjust as required. We have a team dedicated specifically for monitoring all incoming and outgoing materials. Our goal is to ensure that no customer has to wait for product, ever.

Contact our representative to discuss your requirements. We’re always happy to help with any questions.


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Pre-engineered wall systems increase framing productivity by between 40% and 50%?