Floor systems

Pre-engineered floor systems are a consistently accurate solution, allowing greater freedom in interior design.

Designed for freedom

Pre-engineered floor truss systems can span great distances, allowing larger open spaces beneath them that can be unobstructed by columns and partitions.

Built from the finest materials

You can rely on us to provide the truest and finest trusses available. And because they're manufactured in controlled environments, there's less chance of warping, shrinking, and twisting of lumber.

Reduce on-site waste

Manufactured floor truss systems also save lumber resources by reducing the amount of waste wood generated during construction.

Installed perfection

Our clients see the benefits of pre-engineered floor trusses as soon as they arrive on-site. The consistent size and height of pre-engineered floor joists ensure an easier sub-floor material installation, and the open design means that utilities can run through the floor system without the need for drilling or cutting holes.

Accuracy and quality

The state-of-the-art technology used in the design and manufacturing of our floor trusses makes them a superior choice for builders looking to streamline construction.

Integrity you can rely on

Our consistent material strength and strict quality control measures mean that our products are the strongest, most durable products on the market.

A perfect fit

After supplying your building design, our team of outstanding professionals work together to ensure tight-fitting joints and accurate plate and lumber placements, at a very competitive price.

Detailed installation plans

Detailed truss placement diagrams are sent along with the trusses to help the builder place trusses exactly where they need to be installed.




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Pre-engineered wall systems increase framing productivity by between 40% and 50%?