Structural engineering has never been this easy.

Total structural solutions

The key benefits of using prefabricated structural components are widely known: cost savings and speed of construction. However, many contractors are now finding that the use of prefabricated structural products allow greater flexibility and complexity in construction designs.

Elegance and perfection 

If we design all 3 components (roof, walls AND floor systems), you get maximum benefit.  Integrated systems allow for elegant engineering (because everything fits together perfectly). 

Expand your design options

The increased strength of the trusses reduces the need for load-bearing walls and beams, enabling greater spans. Prefabricated floor trusses are designed to exceed recognized building code requirements and standards in North America, and are often able to support heavier loads than conventionally built floor trusses. The design of prefabricated floor trusses often simplifies the installation of mechanical and electrical components, reducing contractor costs.

Your vision, our precision

Our team of outstanding professionals will work with you to achieve your vision, adding architectural value while minimizing material requirements.



A complete system

Atlas wall panels are designed using the same software and processes that are used to design roof trusses and floor joists. This ensures that any roof and floor loads supported with the wall panels will have properly sized headers, lintels and load transfer studs.

Efficiency and accuracy

Assembled using state-of-the-art laser and computer-assisted design technologies, panelized wall systems combine the most efficient use of materials with a high degree of accuracy. In addition to these benefits, incorporating prefabricated wall systems within the construction process provides significant cost savings and has been proven to significantly reduce lock-up times.

Freedom in design

Whether you decide to choose one prefabricated structural product or a mix of all three, what’s clear is that pre-engineered systems offer designers and architects a high degree of flexibility. All our structural products are manufactured to your exact dimension requirements and delivered to the job site without the need for further modifications or adjustments.



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Pre-engineered wall systems increase framing productivity by between 40% and 50%?