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Beams, headers, rim boards, columns

Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL)

Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is an engineered wood product comprised of multiple layers of thin wood bonded together with adhesives. The composite nature of LVL means that it is more uniform, stronger, straighter, and much less likely to warp, twist, bow, or shrink than conventional lumber.

LVL headers and beams can span greater distances and support heavier loads than conventional lumber. At Atlas, LVL is used in beams, headers, columns and rim board applications in residential floor and roof systems.

Compared with similar sized sections, our LVL headers and beams can support heavier loads and allows greater spans than conventional lumber. Work with a stronger, stiffer, more consistent and more predictable building material. 


Parallel Strand Lumber (PSL) Beams

Parallel strand lumber (PSL) is a high strength structural composite lumber proprietary product marketed under the trade name Parallam®. manufactured by gluing strands of wood together under pressure. The strands are then structurally bonded together in a patented microwave process to form large cross-section beams and columns.

Parallam® PSL beams are beautiful and strong, adding integrity to structures as a result of their superior strength. The longer, clear spans made available using this product provide a range of design options for open, spacious floor plans. The beams can be stained or finished to add architectural interest in exposed applications.

Parallam®  beams are designed to support heavier loads than comparably sized conventional glulam or sawn lumber products, and their uniform stress throughout each section makes them the ideal choice for cantilever and multi-span applications

Parallam® PSL beams are covered by Product Warranty against manufacturing defects for the life of the structure.

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Laminated Strand Lumber (LSL)  

Constructed from long, thin strands oriented parallel to the product’s length, Laminated Strand Lumber (LSL) can be used for headers and beams, wall studs, roof beams and rafters, truss chords, rim board, and more.

Typically made from fast-growing aspen or poplar,  LSL offers predictable strength and dimensional stability that minimizes twist and shrinkage.



Heavy timber

Heavy Timber Construction combines the beauty of exposed wood with the fire resistance of heavy timber framing. Stress-graded lumber is combined with precise structural design procedures to create structures that are beautiful and extremely fire resistant.
Constructed in accordance with strict standards and under rigorous quality control testing, the products used in our heavy timber construction are of the highest quality available in the industry.

Highly accurate structural design procedures are used to develop engineered structures that can be relied upon to safely support anticipated loads Heavy timber construction is found in many public spaces where architectural elegance is required, but is widely used in commercial, residential and industrial applications where utility and economy are important factors.

Glue Laminated Timber (Glulam)

Glued laminated timber (Glulam) is an innovative construction material engineered for a wide variety of residential and commercial construction applications.

Glulam is a structural engineered wood product comprised of timber laminations glued together to form a visually appealing and flexible material ideal for use in a variety of different structures. The increased design values and improved product performance of this material make it a natural choice for projects from residential beams and headers to large-scale public applications.

Glulam is composed of individual wood laminations selected and positioned in the timber and bonded together with durable, moisture-resistant adhesives. Glulam is available in depths from 6 to 72 inches or greater and in lengths up to 100 feet and longer.


Steel beams

Steel is a versatile, popular material used in the construction of everything from skyscrapers to housing. Steel beams are extremely resistant to rust and corrosion, are not susceptible to rot and have a much longer life expectancy than other types of materials.

Unlike other materials that can shrink, expand, warp and twist, steel is dimensionally stable. The strength-to-weight ratio of steel is the highest of any residential building material and it can be easily formed and joined. Because steel is strong and lightweight, it is beneficial for builders to work with and can be engineered to better withstand extreme weather events and earthquakes.


Prefabricated wood I-joists are manufactured by gluing solid sawn lumber or laminated veneer lumber (LVL) flanges to a plywood or oriented strandboard (OSB) panel web in order to produce dimensionally stable light-weight member with measurable, accurate engineering properties.

The light weight, uniform stiffness, and strength of these prefabricated structural products makes them
ideal for longer span joist and rafter applications in both residential and commercial construction projects.

Homeowners appreciate the fact that I-Joists create a stiffer floor with less creaking than other types of flooring. Traditional framing lumber is prone to warping, shrinking, and twisting. Contractors and developers know they can rely on the structural integrity of I-Joists to prevent expensive call-backs and mistakes.

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Open joists

Open joists are engineered, open-web floor trusses that takes advantage of the structural power of the triangle and the forces of compression and tension working together to create superior strength.

They are assembled through a unique process of finger joinery and waterproof structural adhesive instead of metal plates.  At Atlas, we employ the TRIFORCE™ open joist,  an innovative product that benefits from a structural-quality OSB panel that allows the truss to be adjusted by over 24 inches at one end.

Fabricated from specially selected wood and assembled using finger-jointed technology, it is manufactured entirely by robotics to ensuring the highest degree of rigidity, structural integrity and precision combined with an incomparable appearance.

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Used as a means to provide support and connection between timber beams, joists or trusses, Atlas supplies a range of hangers, plates and other fasteners for a variety of applications.

Typically made from light gauge galvanized sheet metal, each fastener is affixed to wooden structural products with a specific number of nails to ensure load-carrying capacity, integrity and long-term durability.

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