Accelerate and simplify multi-unit projects with pre-engineered structural solutions.

Earn rental income faster

On multi-unit projects, every build day saved is a day earlier that paying tenants can occupy the space and start generating income.

Fewer expensive delays

On-site delays can play havoc with schedules and budgets. Pre-engineered systems significantly reduce delays associated with materials shortages and bad weather. Have your walls, roofs and floor trusses constructed and delivered to the site while the foundation is being poured. Now that’s multi-tasking.

Reduced reliance on skilled labour

Panelized builds require less overall skilled labour, allowing builders to manage with far smaller crews and labour overheads. It’s the same reason why contractors who choose pre-engineered systems have far fewer headaches during labour shortages.

Extended building seasons

Not only will pre-engineered systems allow you to build more homes per season, you can also build later into the season by avoiding many of the risks associated with bad weather and conventional stick framing.

Simply the best

Prefabricated floor trusses are designed to exceed recognized building code requirements and standards in North America, and are often able to support heavier loads than conventionally built floor trusses. The design of prefabricated floor trusses often simplifies the installation of mechanical and electrical components, reducing contractor costs.


Higher volume, higher profits

Developers who use pre-engineered structural products enjoy a range of significant benefits, all of which translate into increased efficiency, and higher profits.

Proven results

A recent study conducted on behalf of Natural Resources Canada proved the efficacy of panelized wall systems over stick-framing techniques.

Double your speed

Researchers studied the construction of two identical triplexes in western Canada. The contractor who selected the panelization process was 40 per cent faster than the stick framing contractor. Panelized wall systems generated 55 per cent less on-site lumber waste, and approximately 60 per cent less sheathing waste.

Time savings

The time savings alone resulted in a significantly faster lock-up time, providing a range of cost-saving benefits for contractors.

Let’s do the math

Data from the study indicated that a contractor using the panelization method could potentially build 25 triplexes in a year compared to a conventional stick frame contractor, who was only able to build 18 units over the same time period.

Save on interest

Our clients mitigate risk and get project through financing stages much faster by choosing pre-engineered systems, which often results in significant savings on interest and bridge financing costs.



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Pre-engineered wall systems increase framing productivity by between 40% and 50%?