It’s easy to stay ahead of the game using pre-engineered structural systems.

Competitive edge

As many contractors have discovered using pre-engineered roof trusses, panelized wall systems give builders a competitive edge, improving the quality of your build while increasing efficiency.

Increase volume and profit margins

A faster build frees up the potential for higher volume and profit. As every builder knows, higher volume equals higher profits. A recent study demonstrated that the same building contractor using panelized systems could build 25 triplexes compared to 18 triplexes using conventional techniques.

Reduce headaches

Using pre-engineered structural systems helps contractors to avoid unpleasant surprises, ensuring that you spend less time managing problems caused by delays and cost overruns.

Reduce dependency on skilled labour

Panelized builds require less overall skilled labour, allowing builders to manage with far smaller crews and labour overheads. It’s the same reason why contractors who choose pre-engineered systems have far fewer headaches during labour shortages.

Extend your building season

Not only will pre-engineered systems allow you to build more homes per season, you can also build later into the season by avoiding many of the risks associated with bad weather and conventional stick framing.

Spend time where your client values it most

Traditional “stick- framing” can take 25% or more of your project’s total build time. Pre-manufacturing allows you to dramatically speed up the process for both yourself and the client, giving you extra time to spend on features and finishing options.


Control costs

Builders who choose pre-engineered structural products enjoy a range of significant benefits, all of which translate into increased efficiency, and higher profits.

Ahead of the game

Our clients use fewer materials and reduce their labour requirements by approximately half. They also find that using pre-engineered systems reduces the amount of time spent in the planning phases of a project, and significantly reduces delays associated with materials shortages and bad weather.

Minimize waste

Other advantages include reduced fees and job site organizational problems, and significantly reduced onsite waste. Less waste means lower cleanup costs and disposal burdens, and a reduced risk of theft.

Timing is everything

On-site delays can play havoc with schedules and budgets. Pre-engineered systems significantly reduce delays associated with materials shortages and bad weather. You can have your walls constructed and delivered to the site while the foundation is being poured.

Easy to Install

Pre-manufactured wall panels are numbered to match the weatherproof layout plans provided with every package, making erection on-site fast and easy.

Be the king

Impress your clients with your quick progress, Reducing your build time will increase your reputation as the builder who gets projects done on time, and on budget.



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Pre-engineered wall systems increase framing productivity by between 40% and 50%?