When quality matters, opt for panelized walls

Rigid quality control at the factory eliminates on-site mistakes and costly corrections.

Without delay

It’s not easy to frame a structure by hand. Bad weather, scheduling conflicts, construction errors and material shortages can all lead to work delays and sometimes expensive rebuilds. Add to that the difficulties in finding a qualified work force, and you’re looking a large portion of time spent overseeing and solving expensive problems. Our panelized systems are delivered straight to your site and built with the finest materials and the highest level of precision available in the industry.
Without the delays or extra headaches.

Greater efficiency

Products are built in a controlled environment with protocols and systems in place to minimize the amount of waste material and allow for more efficient assembly.
Facility procedures for the assembly of floor, wall and roof components help to avoid the types of injuries that typically occur during conventional stick framing on construction sites.

Passing the savings on to You

The facility setting ensures that specialized labour, machinery and tools are used continuously on specialized tasks. Time and efficiencies are gained by the bulk production of major components such as wall, roof and floor sections. The large-scale use of specialized tools in facilities saves time, fuel and electricity on your end, and the time savings can translate into a reduced need for 
development financing

Built to your specifications

Every Atlas wall panel constructed in our facility is perfectly square and built to the specifications on the blue print or plan.

Quality controlled

Our rigid quality control procedures ensure the highest quality end product.
In-facility quality control eliminates on-site mistakes and costly corrections.

Using the finest available materials

Our products are manufactured in a sheltered environment using kiln dried lumber that is less likely to shrink, warp and twist, eliminating the likelihood of expensive  mistakes and call-backs.

For improved performance

Wall units are precision designed and manufactured to meet strict quality control standards. Facility settings improve the performance of many materials and allow for the use of materials and processes not easily available to on-site builders.

Team focus

All technicians, assemblers and craftspeople work as a team under professional supervision to ensure that only the finest products are delivered to your site, on time, and on budget.

Designed for easy installs

After the panelized systems are built, they're labeled for assembly and shipped directly to the job site.

When you’re ready

When the builder is ready to install the wall panels, they simply follow the installation and assembly procedures defined by the factory specifications.

Fast on-site erection

Wall panels are numbered to match the weatherproof layout plans provided with every package, making erection on-site fast and easy.

Accurate load transfer

Headers, beams, lintels and studs are sized and placed to ensure proper transfer of loads to the foundation. Insulated headers are installed at the factory.

Windows and doors

Window and door openings are cut out for ease of installation.

Colour lay-outs

Whether they’re buildings, design professionals, framers or inspectors, all our clients appreciate our simple color lay-outs and concise installation instructions.



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Pre-engineered wall systems increase framing productivity by between 40% and 50%?