The value behind pre-engineered structural systems

Increase the speed, style and profitability of all your building projects.

Get more done with less

Pre-engineered structural systems help you improve quality, ensure integrity and accelerate timelines – all with less material and labour.  Need we say more?


Make clients happier

Make a lasting impression on homeowners by moving them into their new home in record time.

Cutting Edge Technologies

Despite enormous advances in design and technological innovation that have occurred over the last two decades, some contractors continue to associate the use of panelized wall systems with the relatively inexpensive modular homes that were built in factories using materials that are perceived as unattractive and cheap.

Multi-purpose Systems

Panelized walls can be used in commercial, single-family and multi-family construction projects. However contractors must understand that building sites need adequate space for the panelized systems. Just-in-time delivery services can also be set up if lack of space is an issue.

Components that Work for You

Prefabricated wall panels are ideal in situations where skilled labour is in short supply, or when smaller crews are required to reduce overheads. Contractors should expect to re-organize their scheduling and pre-planning processes as well as their schedules and delivery times in order to accommodate for and fully realize the benefits of using panelized wall units. A zoom-boom forklift can be used to shift the panels. Contractors building multi-story or tall commercial buildings may also require the use of a crane.

Proven savings

It All Adds Up to Increased Profits

In order to properly cost-compare pre-manufactured builds to “stick-frame” projects, it’s important to evaluate more than just material costs.

The total installed cost of panelized wall builds is reduced by avoiding the following expenses:

  • Installation labour and incidental man power costs
  • Escalating costs caused by unplanned delays related to weather, materials shortages, and delivery delays
  • Liability insurance
  • Bridge financing
  • Site organization
  • Material waste
  • Cleanup & disposal
  • Site security
  • Theft
  • Site heating

All things considered, it’s easy to see why construction companies throughout North America are now incorporating pre-manufactured structural systems and how they are will continue to re-shape the construction landscape in the future.

Cut Your Lock-up Time in Half

When you consider the fact that you can reduce your lock-up times by 40 p. 100 while increasing your profits by an additional 28 p. 100 you might be seriously wondering why didn’t start using panelized wall systems in your own construction projects sooner.



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Pre-engineered wall systems increase framing productivity by between 40% and 50%?