Save time and money with prefabricated wall panels

The numbers don’t lie: prefabricated wall systems cut your lock-up time by almost half.

Structural systems save time and money for our clients

So we weren’t surprised when a recent study conducted by Forintek FP Innovations and sponsored by the Governments of Canada and Alberta showed that the use of panelized wall systems increased the speed at which a building was constructed by nearly half, and used half the waste.

The most significant benefit lies in the increased volume made available to contractors.

For example, data from the study indicated that a contractor using the panelization method could potentially build 25 triplexes in a year compared to a conventional stick frame contractor, who was only able to build 18 units over the same time period.

For more information and statistics related to the panelized wall study, visit (BuildAlbertaBrochure)

The study determined the efficacy of panelized wall systems over stick-framing techniques

Researchers recorded the data during the construction of two identical triplexes in western Canada. Results of the study showed that the building contractor who selected the panelization process was 40 per cent faster than the contractor who chose the stick framing technique. Using the panelized wall systems generated 55 per cent less on-site lumber waste, and approximately 60 per cent less sheathing waste.

While the panel cost and distance of the paneling facility played a role in the overall cost, the time savings resulted in a significantly faster lock-up time, providing a range of cost-saving benefits for contractors.


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Pre-engineered wall systems increase framing productivity by between 40% and 50%?