Panelized walls in the marketplace

Building Canada’s Future: panelized wall and structural systems are helping to overcome many of the challenges facing the Canadian construction industry.

Sustaining Change

Like it or not, changing environmental standards are expected to have a huge effect on the Canadian construction industry. Luckily, the efficiency and environmental stewardship offered by using pre-engineered structural products have one major result for our clients: increased profit margins.

Best Practice

Facility-built components will play a strong role in addressing some of the environmental concerns related to the residential construction industry, and will help to promote good environmental stewardship practices in the future.

Optimal Value

Recent trends towards optimal value engineering and LEAN manufacturing have the potential to increase environmental and efficiency advances of facilities building prefabricated components over on-site builders.

High Efficiency

On the vanguard of environmental stewardship within the home construction industry, pre-engineered structural products help to produce homes that are energy efficient with minimal amounts of construction waste.

Innovation You Can Trust

Factory-based builders in Canada are already on the vanguard of innovation within the housing industry, pioneering labour-saving techniques and technologies designed to save you money.

Designed for Today’s Demands

A fast-paced and competitive environment means that today’s construction companies are compromised by missed deadlines, material costs and a decline work quality of work due to increased pressure and time constraints.

Built for the Future

In an economic environment where labour costs are increasing, the technologies employed by facility-built structural products are expected to drive industry demands during forecasted labour shortages.

Better Business

Recognizing the changing construction horizon and anticipated challenges facing the industry, many of Canada’s larger non-residential and homebuilding construction companies are now investing in off-site facilities to reduce the costs of on-site construction.


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Pre-engineered wall systems increase framing productivity by between 40% and 50%?